C2 Proficiency (for teachers)  



(first of three levels)

Opens: February 15, 2021

Closes: June 11, 2021

Number of teachers: 8-15

Workload: about 5-7 hours/week

Real-time meetings: 10 (Fridays - 2hs)


(third of three levels)


Opens: February 01, 2021

Closes: May 29, 2021

Number of teachers: 8-15

Workload: about 5-7 hours/week

Real-time meetings: 10 (Fridays - 2hs)

All courses are delivered on a complete LMS, which features tasks, discussions, and recorded real-time meetings.

First Things First

This course prepares teachers of English to sit C2 Proficiency (formerly known as Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE)). It consists of three modules, offered along 3 terms. All the work is done remotely and based on tasks uploaded by tutors. Our groups are formed only by teachers of English. Before teachers sign up, they are asked to send us a scanned image of their CAE certificate, ECPE, or IELTS 8. Any other C1 certificate used as proof of linguistic level must have been issued in the 18 months prior to enrolment and will be analysed by tutors. In case the teacher has no official exam certificate, a placement interview (usually via Skype or Whereby) can be arranged. Candidates are also asked to dedicate an average of 5-6 hours a week.

Course Materials

  • Objective Proficiency Student's Book with Answers (ISBN13 9781107646377)

  • PLUS! Practice Platform (provided by GTP, no cost)

  • Canvas Instructure LME (provided by GTP, no cost)

  • Any grammar book at C2

  • Extra  files received online (docx, ppt, ppt) (provided by GTP)




Assessment happens all throughout the course. Officially, each module consists of:

  • 3 compositions

  • 1 full Practice Test

  • 1 end-of-term test


Deadlines for these tasks are not negotiable, and need to be respected. Tutors mark the papers and give feedback to candidates. Other aspects such as self-study, homework, online tasks, are also going to be analysed along the course. Reports will be issued to participants or schools.



Brazilian residents: R$1.800,00 (payable in five installments)

Overseas residents: US$450.00 (payable through Paypal)

> Early Bird discounts (for Brazilian residents only):

Sign up until Nov 20, 2020

(30% OFF)

07 X R$180,00

Dec/20 - June/21

Sign up until Dec 20, 2020

(20% OFF)

06 X R$240,00

Jan - June/21

Sign up until Jan 20, 2021

(10% OFF)

05 X R$324,00

Feb - June/21


1. This fee will remain the same for the subsequent modules.


2. In case the group is not formed, 100% of the investment will be returned to the teacher.


3. Teachers will get 10% extra discount for each participant they refer to the course (for the time they are actively enrolled, and up to a top limit of 90% discount).


4. Closed groups (minimum of 10 participants) also count on an extra 10% discount.




All the tutors at GTP are highly qualified and constantly trained by the Academic Department. To know more about them, click here.

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