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Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

celta online in Brazil

Course Syllabus


Who is it for?

The Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) is an introductory course for candidates who have little or no previous English language teaching experience. It may also be suitable for candidates with some experience but little previous training.


What to expect?
The course enables candidates to:

• acquire essential knowledge and familiarity with the principles of effective teaching
• acquire a range of practical skills for teaching English to adult learners
• demonstrate their ability to apply their learning in a real teaching context


Candidates who complete the course successfully can begin working in a variety of ESOL teaching contexts around the world.

Syllabus overview
The syllabus consists of five specific topic areas:
• Topic 1 - Learners and teachers, and the teaching and learning context
• Topic 2 - Language analysis and awareness
• Topic 3 - Language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing
• Topic 4 - Planning and resources for different teaching contexts
• Topic 5 - Developing teaching skills and professionalism.

A certificate is awarded to candidates who have completed the course and who have met the assessment criteria for all written and practical assignments. The overall assessment aims for each topic are that candidates should be able to:

1. assess learner needs, and plan and teach lessons which take account of learners’

   backgrounds, learning preferences and current needs
2. demonstrate language knowledge and awareness and appropriate teaching

3. demonstrate knowledge about language skills and how they may be acquired
4. plan and prepare lessons designed to develop learners’ overall language

5. demonstrate an appropriate range of teaching skills at this level and show

   professional awareness and responsibility.

There are two components, Component One: Planning and teaching and Component Two: Classroom-related written assignments (of which there are four in total). CELTA is internally assessed and externally moderated by a Cambridge ESOL approved assessor, who samples portfolios and teaching practice and who discusses and agrees on the grades for all candidates.

Complete Syllabus
If you want to analyse the syllabus in detail, you can download it clicking here.

      Written Assignments

You will write four assignments along the course, as below:
• one assignment focusing on the learner and their learning context
• one assignment on the language systems of English
• one assignment on the language skills of English
• one assignment involves reflection on our development along the course


By doing so, you need to demonstrate that you:
• are familiar with key ELT terminology
• are sensitive to relevant aspects of professional development
• can relate ELT practice to theory
• can write at a level of accuracy that does not jeopardise comprehensibility

The word length of each assignment is within the range of 750–1,000 words, you will receive clear guidelines to each one, and you cannot fail more than one, or you will fail the course

      Input Sessions


Cambridge CELTA can be delivered in different modes: in-person, blended and 100% online. There is no difference whatsoever between the certificates of different modes. When you take the face-to-face course, input sessions are scheduled and delivered by trainers in person. When it comes to the blended version (using Zoom), the only difference is that the sessions are delivered online as opposed to on-site. The 100% online course allows trainees a bit more freedom in choosing how they work, as they will be doing the input sessions in an asynchronous fashion, but still need to cover a certain number of sessions every week. As long as assignments are completed on time, the online modes allow trainees to work at their own pace, when and where they choose. In that case, trainees are assigned an online course tutor who will facilitate their group work and provide feedback on assignments and progress. 

      Teaching Practice

One of the reasons behind the success of CELTA is its strong practical element, giving trainees confidence and showing employers that they already have experience of teaching adult learners. 

All modes of Cambridge CELTA (including the new 100%-online) use the same model of supervised lesson planning, teaching practice, evaluation and feedback. 

Trainees learn to apply theory to practice by teaching classes of adult learners organised into practice groups at two different levels. Each trainee completes six hours’ assessed teaching practice. This involves teaching on eight occasions and observing the teaching of other trainees in the teaching practice group. As well as gaining hands-on experience teaching genuine learners, trainees will:
• observe experienced teachers teaching classes of adult learners (at least six hours (three of which may be on video))

• watch peers teach their classes and participate in giving feedback.

Alongside their online course tutor, trainees will work with a teaching practice tutor. Both tutors work together to ensure a close link between theory and practice.


Doing the CELTA can be challenging in terms of time. In full-time courses (generally done over 4 or 5 weeks), it will be expected that trainees be ready to dedicate exclusively to the course, which means about 8 hours a day, including weekends (f2f or online modes). In part-time courses (generally done over 12 to 18 weeks) an average of 10-15 hours/week will be requested. Trainees should remember they will need to:

  • attend/check input sessions

  • teach 6 hours and write full plans for the lessons

  • observe 6 hours of experienced teachers 

  • write four assignments

  • reflect upon their teaching

       Programmed Courses for 2023



Start: January 02, 2023

End: January 27, 2023

Days/Time: Monday-Friday, 02-10 pm


Start: July 05, 2023

End: July 30, 2023

Days/Time: Monday-Friday, 02-10 pm



Start: February 06, 2023

End: June 24, 2023

Days/Time: Fridays, 02-10 pm (input + teaching practice via Zoom) 


Start: August 01, 2023

End: December 08, 2023

Days/Time: Fridays, 02-10 pm (input + teaching practice via Zoom)


O2/23 - PART-TIME 100% ONLINE (12 WEEKS)

Online Component - ASYNC, via Appian

Start: May 15, 23

End: August 11, 23

Workload: about 10-15 hours/week (except January/23)

Teaching Component - SYNC, via Zoom (GMT +3)

Start: July 03, 23

End: July 28, 23

Days/Time: Monday-Friday, 6pm-10 pm


O4/23 - PART-TIME 100% ONLINE (12 WEEKS)

Online Component - ASYNC, via Appian

Start: November 13, 23

End: February 08, 24

Workload: about 10-15 hours/week (except January/23)

Teaching Component - SYNC, via Zoom (GMT +3)

Start: January 03, 24

End: January 31, 24

Days/Time: Monday-Friday, 6pm-10 pm

      Course Fees

for Brazilian residents

R$5.000,00 + U$335.00 (Cambridge fee)

for overseas payments

U$950.00 + U$335.00 (Cambridge fee)


The following will have a 10% discount on the fees above:

  • Active members of Braztesol and APLIESP

  • Former trainees of International House World Organization

  • Employees of publishing houses 

  • Academic coordinators of English teaching institutes

  • UP Language partner schools (ATTC)


The following will have a 15% discount on the fees above:

  • All active members of GTP (enter code)

  • UP Language teachers (enter code)

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CELTA Online in Brazil
CELTA Online in Brazil
CELTA Online in Brazil
CELTA Online in Brazil

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