CELTA Frequently Asked Questions

(Adapted from www.cambridge.org)


When doing the async course (on Moodle), how many hours are trainees advised to spend on each unit?

Trainees are advised to spend between 1.5 to 2 hours per unit. The number of units every week varies a bit in the beginning, but on average, trainees will deal with 3-4 units a week, over 8 weeks. This means you should have between 4.5 and 6 hours a week for input sessions. Trainees will work at different speeds depending on ability, experience etc. However, an average is expected to be about 2 hours per unit.


Please bear in mind that you will still need to write four assignments, and prepare and teach 9 lessons (360 minutes on the whole), which also demands a lot of time.

When doing the async course (on Moodle) in blended courses, will I have to deal with course units in the weeks I need to teach my lessons?

Nope. If you are doing the TP in a F2F mode, no course unit on Moodle will be assigned in the weeks you teach your lessons.

Are the input sessions given at real time?

It depends on the course you are attending. When you do F2F courses or those delivered all on Zoom, then you will have them at real time. However, when doing the async course with input from Moodle, then the input sessions are asynchronous, which means you do not need to be online at a given time to follow them. They should be, however, checked on the specific week they are scheduled for, which is scheduled by the tutor high in advance.


Can the input sessions on Zoom be recorded and made available later? Can I record my TPs?

The input sessions will be made available to those who have missed them, but ideally trainees should be there as scheduled. TPs cannot be recorded, either when delivered online or when delivered in person.  

Are all input materials hosted within the Learning Management System (LMS) e.g. will it be necessary to purchase the teaching observation DVD materials separately or are they embedded in the materials?
All materials, including videos and resources are embedded so there are no additional costs.


How does the link between methodology and practice work take place? Is the teaching practice (TP) lesson order pre-determined?

The course is structured so that there is some preliminary input. In async 12-week courses, TP begins on week 4, and takes 20-30 days, with candidates teaching day in day out. In face-to-face courses, TP will also link to input, but it starts at the very beginning of the course.


Is there an informal discussion forum not linked to specific tasks?
The learning platforms, Moodle or Canvas, have this facility. 


Can the teaching practice (TP) tutor give additional content during feedback, supervised lesson planning etc?
In all course modes, supervised lesson planning and feedback provide opportunities for input, and are present along the online mode of CELTA, too. The TP tutors will need to be familiar with the content of the online input so that they can make links between input and TP. The TP tutors will also be able to discuss context specific issues. Besides, TP tutors will provide face-to-face input in the teaching practice feedback sessions in the same way they do on face-to-face CELTA courses.

Does the course work on Apple Macs?

It sure does.