Cambridge DELTA

Module 2

Blended Course

Online Component

Length: about 5-6 weeks

Contents: review of basic concepts, description of the Module 2,

                  guidelines to write your PDA (Professional Development

                  Assignment) and the BEs (Background Assignment). 

Workload: about 20 hs/week, reading, diagnostic lesson,

                   observations, discussions, quizzes and other tasks. 

F2F Component

Length: about 4-5 weeks

Contents: sessions on systems and skills, consultation for and

                  preparation of 4 LSAs (lessons to be taught), sessions on

                  systems and skills, feedback on teaching, and reflection.  

Workload: you will spend the whole day at the center. It is highly

                   advisable that you have 100% of your time dedicated

                   to the module.

Most materials you need are online. You will gain access to them on day 1, using Canvas Instructure, our LMS.

Nice and comfortable  classrooms for you to teach your lessons. All the support you need from a very qualified team of tutors.

Partnership with UP Language Consultants, one of the most traditional Cambridge Teaching Awards centres in Brazil.

Discounts for GTP former trainees, member teachers, and referrals. Write to know more about it.


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