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Materials Development

Who is the course for?


Teachers of EFL/ESL/EIL, course coordinators, academic department managers and directors who need to improve the quality of the materials prepared for their learners.


Which are the areas to be studied?


The course is divided basically into 8 chapters, as follows:


1. An overview of materials design and its conundrums

2. What language teaching materials comprise

3. The role of teaching materials

4. A critical view of teaching materials

5. The mechanics of writing teaching materials

6. Joining theory and practice

7. Creating and designing materials

8. Different materials, different means

How long does the course take?


The course is delivered over 8 weeks (one unit per week), and takes approximately 2 months.

What’s the fee and certification?


The course fee is R$1.000,00 per participant, payable in four instalments.

Certificates of conclusion will be issued for participants that contribute

all tasks.

What course modes are there?

For now, there is only the online course. All contents will be delivered 100% online, and participants do not need any extra materials. The course will be given over Canvas Instructure (Learning Management System).

What’s the time-related commitment?


All participants will need to dedicate an average of 3-4 hours a week, take part in forums, and deal with tasks when requested.

Next starting dates

February 17/20 and May 04/20.