PLUS! is a platform for your learners to practice English. It is not an English course in itself - it exists to complement the course you offer your students.


your learners

We DO respect the way you teach. We want to create customized contents (or validate yours), integrate the new materials into your course, and offer your students meaningful online practice tasks that will enrich their learning experience!

Here's what PLUS! is and what it does!

It is a white-label service: we will not appear, you will!

It integrates online language practice into your course.

It uses the same mechanics of tasks in international proficiency examinations.

It offers learners the possibility to practice - wherever they are.

 How does it work?


Based on your course content, practice tasks are devised either by you or GTP experts to be integrated into your courses. If you prefer to devise the tasks, directions and support will be offered. All tasks are proofread by GTP regardless of their author.


GTP gives access to your student(s), who will log in and do the tasks from wherever they want. You will be able to see their activity and and have access to different performance indicators.


GTP uploads the contents to PLUS!, generating online extra practice, in different types of tasks, which will appear to your learners with your name.



Our name and colors will not appear. Your learners will see your name and colors.


No platform-setting charges. You will pay a fair amount per user every month. And that's it!


A total of eight different types of tasks. Games are in the pipeline.


Your learners will be able to access their practice tasks from wherever they are, using their computers, tablets or mobile phones.

 What does it look like?

Looks matter, we know. That's why we built a task page that is as intuitive as possible. Here's an example for you to see. Check out the features your students will have available: 

How much does it cost?

English teachers can hire PLUS! for as low as U$5.00/month for 3 licenses.

Give it a try!

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