Do I have to write assignments at CELTA?

Updated: Jan 13

Here's a straightforward answer: yes, four in total. Let`s have a look at them:

Assignment 1 focuses on student profiling. When writing this paper, you will learn about what information to collect from your students and how this will improve your teaching. You will work on the learners' personal information, motivation, learning preferences, and behavior. You will also identify your student’s strengths and weaknesses, and will suggest tasks to deal with such weaknesses.

Assignment 2 deals with language analysis. Here, you will analyze grammar patterns and vocabulary items in depth, in terms of their meaning, form, pronunciation and appropriacy. You will also anticipate the most common mistakes students make when trying to use this kind of language, and how those should be dealt with. With this experience, you will broaden your views on how to prepare the target language you teach in each lesson.

Assignment 3 works on teaching receptive skills. You will describe and detail one receptive skill and the subskills it involves. You will, then, choose a text and write tasks to help students develop such subskills. You will also visualize the specific stages and procedures for this kind of lesson.

Last, Assignment 4 will help you reflect on how much you have learned throughout the course, identify which aspects of your teaching you need to keep working on, and how to continue improving your teaching skills once the course is over.

There is a word limit to all four assignments: 750 - 1000 words. That will help you work on your writing skills in order to deliver enough information in such short texts. Does it look challenging? Well, it is a bit. However, bear in mind you will receive all the information you need to write the assignments and be assisted by qualified tutors in the process. Nothing to worry about.


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